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We are always looking for passionate and energetic teachers to join us at InSchool Academy! If you have experience in teaching languages and working with primary school children, and would like to teach your language of specialisation, apply below and we will get back to you with the most suitable opportunity.

Our sessions aim to nurture academic confidence and empower children with valuable skills to succeed in language learning. An essential part of this is fostering a positive learning environment along with providing enjoyable learning for children. For ideas about our classes, see our videos here.

Our classes take place throughout the week, and we regularly have new openings -  please get in touch if you have an availability for just 1 or 2 days a week. The sessions are 1-1.5hrs long and we offer competitive rates. This opportunity is for 2-4 hrs a week initially.

Please apply only if you are prepared to commit for a year or more, certainly subject to location and week day availability.


  • Experience teaching primary school children
  • Teaching experience in the UK
  • Native speaker
  • DBS Certificate

If you are interested in teaching with us, please register below
and  send your CV to teachers@inschoolacademy.com