Franchise opportunities

InSchool Academy offers you the opportunity to become a full business owner.

By launching your InSchool Academy franchise, you can quickly and easily start running your own language clubs and sessions whilst enjoying a presence of a strong and trusted brand behind you.

All you need is a passion for teaching, the rest is included in your franchise!

Start up costs
Full InSchool Academy franchise is just £349 per language or subject (£549 for 2 or more)
DBS check (if necessary): £75
Annual costs
Yearly renewal fee of £125, waived if the annual sales are £3,000 or more
Ongoing commission: 10% of revenues.

What does InSchool Academy franchise give you?​​​

  • Personal freedom: choose your own hours and clients
  • Access a tailored curriculum and teaching materials database that is constantly growing
  • ​Stand out with unique and memorable branding
  • ​Access to automated class management tools
  • Receive training on your franchise materials and systems and shadow one of our teachers for a session.

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