Key Unexplored Benefits of After-School Language Clubs

The pupils’ day has changed. Due to long working hours, more and more parents want their children to attend after-school language clubs... However, language clubs deliver value not only for children and families but also for the schools.

Below are 3 unexplored benefits of after-school language clubs:

Smarter pupils help to improve the school’s ranking

Many studies have shown that children who have studied a foreign language in school tend to perform much better on standardized tests than those who have not. Also, it is estimated that students who are taking a foreign language class outperform academically students who are not taking a foreign language.

This will sound really good for parents, but this is not only their children’s matter... Everyone knows that pupils’ strong academic performance and higher test results are boosting or supporting the OFSTED ranking of the school. Higher OFSTED ranking means the school is prestigious to work for as well as to study at!

Offering after-school activity at no cost for the school

Since 2003 the government has started encouraging every school to offer a range of after-school activities as part of its Every Child Matters framework. Trying to achieve this, necessitates an investment of a lot of resources from the school, which are ever scarce.

However, the schools can still offer language clubs without any cost!  At InSchool Academy we manage everything – from registration, teaching materials to progress feedback for parents. Fees are affordable enough to be covered by the the parents and the school doesn’t need to allocate any resources except for a spare classroom!

Happy children = happy parents = engaging parents

There are many benefits of attending language clubs for children - they are improving their thinking, meeting new friends, exploring other cultures, etc., however the most important one is that they come home much happier.

Hence the parents can't thank the school enough for this opportunity that the school has created for their children. Before everyone knows it, parents become more engaging, even donating more for the school!

There may be many other benefits such as supporting ethnic communities, adding to diversity, enhancing the image of the school and even generating some extra income for the school, among others. One thing is clear - language clubs bring massive benefits for the schools. Why not invite one to your school today?